Jamie C.
After 2 years of failed attempts at tuning my VRt on MS1, I finally made the decision to go with a Lugtronic PnP system and some 60# injectors from Kevin. I installed it today and it is absolutely amazing! Kevin's base map that he configured for my car without ever touching it or looking at a log from it drives better than my car did on stock management and still delivered the goods at 14psi. If any of you are thinking about getting Lugtronic for your car, stop debating and just do it. You will not regret it. Thanks Kevin!

Chris E:
Hey Kevin,
Got the ecu in a couple weeks ago, drove it to h2o and it's been running perfectly

Bradley B:
Hello again..
I received the ECU today and I followed the instructions you supplied me over Email.
I got everything set up and it fired up on first start attempt and it runs almost great.

Azevedo Motorsports:
Everything came out great…….I have another job for you to do…call me at the shop....