Custom Wiring Harnesses

  • The Custom Harness uses the inexpensive Wire-In ECU, and replaces your entire engine harness.
  • Engine swaps are easy and clean, with no extra wiring clogging up the engine bay.
  • Materials: New Connectors, High quality MIL Spec "Tefzel" Wire, Optional Raychem DR-25 Heat Shrink.
  • Plug-and-Play to the CE2 Panel (1990+ VW electronics) for easy installation.
  • Performance options such as Bosch Coilpacks, Additional Pressure/Temp Sensor Wiring.

  • Select Harness Application


    • Custom Wire Harness - Plug-n-Play to VW 1990+ CE2 Panel

    • MK3/MK2 4 cylinder
      MK3/MK2 6 cylinder

    • Custom Wire Harness - Non CE2 Cars / Race Cars

    • MK4/MK3/MK2/MK1 4 cylinder
      MK4/MK3/MK2/MK1 6 cylinder


      High Quality Option (Includes Fuel Resistant Heat Shrink Tubing Loom, and Rubber Boots for all connectors)
      Add all Engine Accessories (Wiring for Starter, Alternator, Coolant Gauge, Back-up, Oil Pressure/Temp, etc).
      24v VR6 Option (Wiring for Cam Solenoids, Sensors, and 6 COP Coil packs).
      Quick Disconnect Bulkhead Connector Option(New Improved Bulkheads!)
      Wiring for Aftermarket Gauges / Sensors / Controllers / Fuel Pumps / Fans / Cut-off Switches, etc.
      Almost any Customer Requested options are available, "Wire-Tucks", Lengthened Harness, etc. - just ask!