LugTronic Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is LugTronic?

  • LugTronic is the source for Plug-n-Play, Stand Alone ECU Tuning Solutions for VW/Audi cars.
    Also stock ecu and stand-alone ecu tuning, wiring, forced induction components for any hard-core project!

  • I filled out the Contact or Order Form, but I did not get a reply?

  • If you do not get a reply within 24 hours, Please email:!

  • What is a Stand-Alone ECU?

  • A Stand Alone ECU is a fully programmable, aftermarket ECU (Not a chip for your factory ECU)

  • What does Plug-n-Play mean?

  • Plug-n-Play means you remove your factory ECU and plug in the LugTronic ECU, basically a very easy install.
    This also means that it very easy to return the car back to stock at any time.

  • What cars does the PnP fit?

  • VW MK3 Golf/Jetta, VR6 and 2.0., Corrado/Passat VR6, 1998+ Passat 1.8t, MK4 1.8t, MK4 VR6.

  • Does it work with my cars wiring harness?

  • Yes, any additional wires you see are for extra features like the Wideband O2 sensor, and Laptop COMM cable.

  • Do all my sensors still work?

  • Yes, all of your stock sensors are used except the MAF. The LugTronic has a MAP sensor which eliminates the
    need for the MAF Sensor.

  • Can I remove the MAF?

  • Yes, it is no longer being used. It is recommended to keep the stock air filter or fit a new one.

  • What is a MAF Sensor?

  • MAF is Mass Air Flow - a sensor your car has to measure engine airflow. The LugTronic MAP sensor replaces this.

  • Is LugTronic easy to install?

  • Yes, you simply remove and replace the ECU, run a vacuum hose (supplied), and get ready to tune.

  • Does LugTronic work on a stock car?

  • Yes, I can supply a stock car map so you can test the ECU and your car's wiring and engine.

  • Does it work on a non turbo car?

  • Yes, Supercharged or N/A works just as well. Just specify your setup when ordering.

  • Does it work for engine swaps?

  • Yes, if the swap is done correctly and runs with a stock ecu, the LugTronic ECU will work also.

  • Can I use it for other cars?

  • Yes, there is regular "Wire-In" version of the same ECU. See the Order Page for details.

  • Are there base maps available?

  • Yes, the base map is pre-installed in the ECU for an easy start-up.

  • Do I use a computer and software to tune?

  • Yes, the software is supplied with the ECU via download link or e-mail.

  • Can I tune it myself?

  • Yes, the software is easy to use, and the built in Wideband O2 provides a reliable Air/Fuel display.

  • Can you tune my car?

  • Yes, I travel to PA/NY/NJ/MD and more tuning cars full time.

  • Can my local shop tune my car?

  • Yes, if they can tune other stand-alone ECU's, they can learn to tune the LugTronic.
    We gladly offer tuning support and training to customers and shops to help the end users.

  • Is there a Manual?

  • Yes, I provide information for install, tuning, and troubleshooting the ECU and car.

  • Do you make LugTronic?

  • Yes and No, the ECU hardware is from VEMS, an existing ECU company, and I specify and modify it for VW/Audi
    cars and applications.

  • Is LugTronic the same as Megasquirt?

  • No, although it formerly used a modified version of the Megatune software. The VEMS / LugTronic hardware, processor, code, and now the software etc. is completely different.

  • Why does it cost more than Megasquirt?

  • Many reasons. The components and the construction of the ECU are more expensive and of a higher quality.
    The ECU has valuable features like a Wideband O2 sensor controller and EGT input, it has more ignition
    channels, more analog inputs, and more axillary outputs than many other much more expensive ECU brands.
    Finally, and most important, this ECU is a finished product, targeted and supported for your specific application.

  • How do I order an ECU?

  • Contact us to place an Order

  • Does Lugtronic carry any products anything other than ECU's?

  • Yes, we sell quality Fuel and Ignition parts, Wiring, Turbochargers and Accessories to complete your project car. We also make Custom Wire Harnesses and do EFI Tuning and Track Support.

  • I don't see what I need on the LugTronic site, can you provide other products?

  • We will do our best to provide anything you need for your project.
    Contact us for any items you need!

  • Does Lugtronic have a dealer network?

  • Click here for the list of Lugtronic Dealers