Eurodyne "Maestro" Custom ECU Tuning and Re-flashes

Lugtronic is now offering Eurodyne "Maestro" Custom ECU Tuning and Re-flash Programs for the Stock VW/Audi ECU.
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Eurodyne Maestro ECU Tuning Suite:

Designed for those who want to take things further than the standard
reflash, Maestro 7 allows a tuner to recalibrate for different hardware
such as larger injectors, turbochargers and other performance

Included is the Powertap interface, which allows the user to read a
nd reflash the ecu, a complete high speed datalogging package with graphing and map tracing features, and the Maestro 7 editor, which allows access to all relevant maps, scalars and switches inside the binary.

Baseline files are provided to get the user started, sourced from a
library developped from years of experience tuning VW and Audi
vehicles. With Maestro tuning suite, the sky is the limit — in fact
the fastest VW GTI in north america was tuned using these very
same tools and still runs a stock ecu.

Features Include:
USB 2.0 connection
Connects to vehicle through OBD2 port
No ECU modification necessary
High-speed datalogging included

Eurodyne Re-flash:
Eurodyne reflashes are based on our extensive Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche performance tuning experience and are avilable through our growing dealer network.
The Eurodyne reflash is offered in two versions designed to maximize output from vehicles using the stock turbocharger.

Stage 1: For use with unmodified vehicles - Typical horsepower gains of 45HP. Torque increase of 50 foot lbs - excellent driveability

Stage 2: For customers with modified intake and exhaust systems. Horsepower gains are hardware dependent.