Autronic ECU

Autronic SM3 ECU $TBD (USA Sales Only)

A closely related, lower prices alternatove to the SM4 - this ecu has 6x low current (high impedance) Injector Drivers
(which saves you money to buy the newest technology injectors!)

Autronic SM4 ECU $2,450 (USA Sales Only)

The SM4 is our top of the line ECU. This ECU has many features which allow it to be setup to suit various types of engine configurations. It has very flexible options over how the inputs and outputs are controlled, and allows the user to design their own functions to control all sorts of devices. Precise control of injectors and ignition angle are guaranteed at very low or highRPM or manifold pressures. A very high level of protection from interference and tolerance of trigger input errors has been built into this ECU, ensuring a smooth running engine even under the most demanding conditions.


Compatable with Magnetic and Hall Effect Sensors,or any combination for Camshaft & Crankshaft Sensor Inputs. Response speed is also software configurable for improved noise immunity. Multi tooth, Missing tooth, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Ford TFI and Gen3 triggers. Software selectable trigger angle.

Autronic or NTC Air Temp Sensors,NTC Coolant Temp,Throttle Position Sensors software selectable.
Included 4.4 bar Absolute(50 psi boost)Internal or External MAP sensor, software selectable.
Support for air flow meters.
Internal Pressure sensor useable for MAP &/or barometric sensing.

Additional Inputs:
3 x Spare Analog inputs (EGT, EBP, 02, etc...) Spare Analog Inputs may be used as additional
Switch Inputs. Analog Inputs can be set for predefined calibrations or user defined calibrations.
Variable Camshaft control for up to two camshafts. VANOS and other VVT supported.
Knock control with individual cylinder retard (requires installation or additional internal module).


Eight Injector Outputs. Software Selectable 4/1 amp 2/0.5 amp Peak/Hold type for High & Low Current Injector types or parallel operation of injector pairs.
Rating may be specified independently for 2 groups of 4 O/Ps. Sequential, single or double shot 1 or 2 group fire possible for up to 16 injectors.
Up to 7 injector outputs are useable for alternate functions.

Four ignition Outputs, up to Eight with external Ignition Multiplexer.
Rating Push-Pull +/-1 amp max.
Software selectable Dwell (Inductive) or Pulse (CDI) Output.
Dwell Time mappable vs. Rpm,Load,and Voltage.
Up to 3 useable for alternate functions.

Multi Stage Boost Control, using Vehicle Speed/Gear as a reference or external triggers. Launch Control and Antilag can control starting line RPM and Boost, and has speed settings to setup a RPM ramp rate in first gear to minimise excess wheel speed during marginal track conditions NOS on/off control, with internal fuel and ignition trims. Dedicated A/C Compressor Control. Dedicated Dual Cooling Fan Control. 10 General purpose (GPO) Outputs: 5 Pull-down @ 3.5 amp max 1 Pull-down @ 1 amp max 4 Push-Pull @ +/- 1 amp max (also suitable for stepper motor control). 15 Pulse width modulators to GPO, spare Injector or Ignition O/Ps. All have 10Hz min, 3 have upper limit of 500Hz, 2 have upper limit of 1.2KHz. Support for most idle valve type including 2 wire, 3 wire & stepper possible. Stepper pins can be used for spare outputs if not used for idle control. Variable camshaft control for up to two camshafts. Control of camshaft position is very precise and time taken to advance from full retard to full advance is less the 1 second. Support for most VVT and VANOS systems. The optional internal knock control module gives one of the most advanced aftermarket knock control available. Knock control is user definable to use either fuel enrichment or ignition retard or a combination of both the control only the cylinders that have knock. Internal Diagnostic light & optional remote light. High efficiency power supply & output drivers for reduced power consumption and reduced self-heating. ECU to PC data link operates at up to 115k baud for fast cal down load & Log file upload (19sec typ for 112k bytes). 112k logging memory.


Mapping via Manifold Pressure, Throttle Position, Manifold and Throttle or Manifold, Throttle and Exhaust Backpressure Fuel and Ignition tables have up to 32 rpm and 16 load site axis, user selectable. Air/Fuel Ratio Table, allows user to input air/fuel ratio vs. load and RPM, to be used with Autotune,Manual Tune,Mixture Table,Closed Loop Control, and also for quick easy changes to engine Air/Fuel Ratio anytime, without an O2 input needed, after the engine is initially tuned. "Autotune" Feature allows user adjustable (within 1-5%) fuel base map tuning in real time, hands free operation when used with Autronic Air/Fuel Analyzer. Fuel map will color each cell tuned to specified accuracy and lock the values to prevent accidental changing. Best used during steady state tuning on engine or chassis dyno. "Manual Tune" Feature allows the fuel map to be tuned using the datalog, each cell on the map individually tuned to the air/fuel ratio specified in the Air/Fuel Ratio Table. "Mixture Table" Feature records the air/fuel ratio and number of times recorded at each fuel table cell, allowing the user to calibrate these cells to the air/fuel ratio specified in the Air/Fuel Ratio Table with a single keystroke. 13 General purpose control modules for O/P control.(use for variable fuel pump, power steering, inlet manifold air valves, extra temperature control devices etc) 4 of these are capable of PID feedback control (typical application for PIDs are variable camshaft positioning or inlet manifold length).


Up to 50X per second Sampling Rate. Fully User Selectable Graphing, set up number of channels displayed,min and max values,color,etc. Overlay multiple graphs to compare data. Display datalog and tuning maps on the same screen,tuning maps have display "tracer" to indicate corresponding area of datalog for easy and quick changes to map.