Plug-n-Play ECU

Finally! Now there is a full Plug and Play ECU solution for VW/Audi owners! LugTronic allows you to be up and running with a stand alone ECU in less than 30 minutes! Plugs into your stock harness, and mounts into the stock location. Avoid the horror stories you may have heard, and forget about begging forums for support by using a system developed by a dedicated tuner in the VW / Audi community.
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Using the same hardware as the Plug-n-Play ECU, the WVEMS ECU is a lower cost tuning solution that is even more flexible due to not having the limitations of the Motronic ECU connector. The wiring pin-outs and options are easier to implement and the ECU can be mounted inside the cabin for the ultimate in protection from the elements. The ECU comes with an unterminated wire harness. A full custom harness for your car is available. See "Products" It can also be used with the "ECU to VW Plug-n-Play Harness", see that page for details.
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Custom Wiring Harnesses

The Custom Wiring Harness allows you to use the Wire-in ECU and replace the VW engine harness altogether.
This is used when you want to clean up unsightly or damaged wiring in the engine compartment.
Also for engine swap cars that cannot be adapted to the new engine's wiring. The harness is made to your specs for ECU location and engine/car combination.
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ECU Accessories

The ECU Accessories are useful items when modifying a car with engine management.
ECU Ignition Components, Sensors, Gauges, etc.
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Stock ECU tuning and Flashes

Now offering Hondata ECU Tuning for Honda and Acura cars.

Now offering Eurodyne "Maestro" ECU tuning and Flash Programs for the Stock VW/Audi ECU.
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Fueling Components

High quality fuel system components chosen for the best performance and value.
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Turbochargers and Intercoolers

High quality Turbochargers and Intercoolers chosen for the best performance.
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Drivetrain Components

The Best Drivetrain components to get your power to the ground reliably!
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