Aaron Crossley - 9.34@153mph, 756 AWHP Audi Coupe Quattro


  • Aaron C.
  • Best E.T. 9.34, Best MPH 153


  • 20v Integrated Engineering 2.0L Stroker Engine
  • 8.5:1 JE's with Tool Steel pins
  • Integrated Engineering rifle drilled connecting rods
  • AWP ported head, ST inconel exhaust and +1mm intake valves
  • ST springs, CAT solid lifters
  • CAT 1003756 Billet solid mechanical lifter camshafts
  • Nubworks Custom Intake Manifold
  • HPConnection custom twin scroll Tubular Exhaust Manifold
  • Borg Warner T4 divided inlet FMW67mm 1.25 A/R turbocharger
  • 2x Tial MVs v-band wastegates
  • Stock Audi B5 S4 6 speed trans with welded center differential
  • Clutchmasters FX725 Twin Disc Clutch
  • 2x Bosch Motorsports 044 fuel pumps
  • Lugtronic supplied Injector Dynamics 2000cc fuel injectors
  • Air-to-Water Intercooler
  • 4" *shorty* Exhaust
  • E-98 Fuel
  • Centerline Convo-Pro with M&H 8.5/24.5-15 drag slicks


  • Lugnuts Tuned
  • Lugtronic supplied Autronic SM4 Standalone ECU, Custom Harness, Boost Controller

Dyno Sheet