Drivetrain Components - as used on the Team Lugtronic Drag Cars!

Ask about special Package Deals when purchased with any ECU or other large item!

  • Driveshaft Shop DSS Axles for Honda - VW MK4 - MK3 - MK2 - MK1 - Other Apps

    The absolute strongest axles available for VW (or any fwd) Drag Cars!
    Great for Street and Race use.
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  • We will provide a Gear Ratio Chart, and make sure you get the best parts for your Budget and Goals!

    • SQS Racing Dog Engagement for VW 02A - 02J - 02M Gear Kits

      Dog engagement gear set for the serious racer! Strong enough for 9 second drag race cars.
      4,5, and 6 speed kits available for 02A/02J and 02M transmissions.
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    • APTuning VW 02A - 02J Gear Kits

      A great upgrade from stock gears. Synchro engagement for smooth street driving.
      Proven to be reliable for 10-11 second street style drag racing cars. 4 speed kit.

    • Clutch Masters Clutches for Honda - VW MK4 - MK3 - MK2 - MK1 - Other Apps

      The clutches used on the quickest and fastest VW Drag cars.
      The Twin Disc holds the power and allows super quick shifting!
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